Happy Father's Day!

Everyone has one. Not everyone is as lucky as I am.

Once upon a time there was a strapping young lad. Fashionable, cool and a fantastic head of hair.

Great genes.

This young man moved to a castle in the middle of a beautiful forest.

Soon he met a lovely young woman and they decided to live the in castle together.

After many adventures together the young couple started to feel lonely in their big castle. They wanted to start a family. So they went on a dangerous quest to visit the Magical Baby Giver.

(Unfortunately this being does not show up on film so an image cannot be provided. Use your imagination! )

The Magical Baby Giver was in a great mood that day and provided them with a baby girl…

And so the young couple became parents. The young woman became a mother. The young man became a father.

Together they went on a colourful and exciting journey.

Come wind, rain or shine, they visited beaches…

…the countryside…

…play parks…

…and even far off lands…

…they always had a great time.

As the baby grew into a child, her daddy taught her many important things. He was there to pick her up after a fall, to tickle her to tears. He would never stop taking care of her. This made him a great daddy.

Soon the young family felt that there was something missing. They went back to the Magical Baby Giver and the girl asked very nicely for a baby brother.

They were all very pleased with the results! Their family was complete.

The man was also a great daddy to the little boy.

They all grew a little older, a little taller but they never stopped needing each other. They never stopped going on adventures together and the man never stopped being a great daddy to his babies.

They all lived happily ever after…

I love you Daddy. Happy Father’s Day.

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