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By Dramatic-Ally | Jul 28, 2012

So I’ve been busy crocheting away, working on some new blankets. I’ve got a lot of affection for these blankets. My great aunt made me one as a child which I still have today and they are the first thing I made myself. My first attempts were pretty laughable, but now I make them while … Read more

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Take II.

By Dramatic-Ally | Jul 26, 2012

So! It’s been a while. I thought a fresh start and a new look may be the answer to my lack of inspiration/motivation in regards to the site. It’s been a tough year, but we’re getting there. Updates: I’ve been busy making many things, including a few experiments, some successful, some less so, all fun … Read more

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Fingerless Fun.

By Dramatic-Ally | Oct 5, 2011

Who says that you can’t have fun without fingers? Probably no one, but indeed I have had plenty of enjoyment from this project. I’m not sure quite what to call them: fingerless gloves, arm warmers, wrist warmers or even… wristers? That’s the suggestion from the pattern, but you know me, I can’t help messing with … Read more

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The Purse Possibility

By Dramatic-Ally | Sep 23, 2011

So when I finally was brave enough to try my hand at something other than crochet blankets I thought that I would start small. I picked a simple pattern, still only involving straight lines, to make a coin purse. The first time I try a new pattern there are usually mistakes, or bits I don’t … Read more

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Happy Father's Day!

By Dramatic-Ally | Jun 19, 2011

Everyone has one. Not everyone is as lucky as I am. Once upon a time there was a strapping young lad. Fashionable, cool and a fantastic head of hair. Great genes.

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Crochet Blankets

By Dramatic-Ally | Jun 13, 2011

There will be much more exciting posts about my crafty ways coming soon, but until then I thought what better way to start us off than where my making things obsession began. Crochet blankets. Really easy to make, colourful and attractive, they are the perfect starting point for anyone who’d like to get into crochet. … Read more

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